About Us

Fractal is a non-profit organization that aims to increase educational opportunities in computers science for underprivileged groups such as low-income communities. We do this by creating educational content that is designed to be a concise but thorough introduction to fundamental computer science concepts that are necessary for computer science students to succeed in university or industry. Additionally, we partner with notable companies to create a mentorship experience for our scholars.

Why Does Fractal Exist?

Low-income communities see massive underrepresentation in higher education which is only worse when one looks at computer science education. Yet these communities are still massive consumers of the same technology used by everybody else, and proper representation of these consumers is necessary for democratized technological innovation. It is therefore imperative that efforts be made to increase representation from underprivileged communities.

Source: 2019 State of Computer Science Education: Equity and Diversity report by Code.org

Recently, massive strides have been made to increase representation for female and minority students, while comparatively little effort has been made to increase representation from low-income and underprivileged communities. While these groups often overlap, it is important to directly address the fact that low-income and underprivileged communities have very little access to computer science education, and STEM education more broadly, compared to more privileged communities.

Our Founders

Michael Piseno

Michael is a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in computer science and mathematics. He attended public school on the south side of Atlanta where access to quality STEM education was severely lacking, which is his motivation for promoting computer science education in low-income communities.

Jarret Lunn

Jarret is a student majoring in finance at Georgia State University, where he is president of the Finance Society. He has interned in several industries, including local government, valuation, and private equity. Jarret is passionate about education, and has organized and led finance training programs for students at Georgia State and interns in private equity.

Interested In Becoming A Sponsor?

We are always excited to partner with organzations that support our mission. As a sponsor, you can either contribute financially or by volunteering your time to mentor young scholars who are motivated and eager to learn more about computer science and the industry!

Just write to us at cs.fractal.ai@gmail.com!